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      White Papers

White Papers
As contracting registration policy changes, or as businesses struggle to adopt certain requirements, our office issues White Papers to advise and synopsize the issues.
White Papers
Date Title
09/21/2006   Debriefing
05/25/2011   Developing a Strong Winning Proposal
To request the power point presentation from this seminar, please contact (800) 206-3545 and reference this seminar.
09/25/2012   How to Develop a Winning Proposal
07/29/2011   Hudson Initiative
06/25/2008   Notice to Active CCR Registrants
08/21/2012   Search Profile and Product Codes 09
04/19/2007   Shipping Information


08/22/2012   Small Business Summit Presentation
02/05/2009   USDA Opportunities for SDVOSBs
07/29/2011   Veteran Initative (LaVet)
Date Title
08/27/2009   Fall 09 Newsletter
11/06/2007   Fall Newsletter
05/23/2008   Spring 08 Newsletter
08/11/2008   Summer 08 Newsletter
01/16/2008   Winter Newsletter


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